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Greetings from a Snowy Slogarie

January has been a month of mixed emotions. Whilst we have had the most amazing month of weather, silent snowfalls and stunning sunsets, we, like the rest of you been in lockdown.

It is easy to pass the time here, work continues on the renovations (albeit at a much slower pace) and the livestock keep us busy. However, the Estate feels empty without our holiday cottage guests and family and friends visiting.

This estate, whilst magical in it's silence, really does come to life when others are here. In short, we miss you and are counting down the days until we can welcome you back.

Excitingly, The Kennels is now available to book and will make the most perfect retreat for couples, it is stylish and cosy and perfect for two. The cottage boasts a Everhot range cooker (in small to match the cottage) and a log burning stove, outside there is a fire pit to enjoy - maybe with a mug of tea and an amazing view of the stars. Slogarie Estate is in a Dark Skies National Park and this winter we have been treated to night skies with shooting stars like we have never seen before. You can book all of our properties via our website or on airbnb and we are still offering a full refund if you need to cancel due to a Covid-19 related reason.

We hope you are keeping safe in these troubled times and can start to plan for the brighter days that are coming. It looks like it will be another year of exploring the British Isles and the wonders closer to home and we would be thrilled if you would use us as your escape. Slogarie Estate is a magical place, surrounded by nature and the great outdoors, it is definitely the perfect place to heal the mind and the soul.

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